From the first A Life in Pieces session with amazing youth, it was evident to me that hearts are hurting and spirits are broken. The most amazing aspect of the session, other than disallowing adults to attend (kids love that!), is that their life puzzle is their truth, truths they have rarely, if ever spoken to others about. When anyone can grasp a tool to expose/create humiliation, embarrassment, abuse without judgment or expectation, there is a sense of relief, empowerment and even the ability to take control of ones thoughts and actions. To journey from “I AM NOT BAD!” to “I AM GREAT!” in the unique pieces built from the deepest emotions, there is a sense of hope and the feeling of a more positive future. This holds true for adults who attend the same session set-up, disclosing, in their life puzzles, words that humiliate, insult and change who you are.  Imagine many deemed to be “old” writing with force – “I AM NOT DUMB!”; “I AM NOT your slave.” “I AM NOT a bully!”  It IS healing.

Tragically, multitudes of youth, and adults, never get the opportunity to expose pain, living silently with it on a daily basis. More tragically, at times it leads to a point of insufferable damage and the world loses a beautiful spirit to suicide; a confused, broken body to murder.

This is the case for me with young souls I knew, who were ready to take on the world, at least outwardly. Inwardly, they lacked the ability to work through a life that would be impossible for me to imagine. My heart breaks when realizing they did not have the time to journey from the hurt inside to become confident in the knowledge that what happened to them in their lives was not their fault, and  instead of feeling unworthy and unwanted, they would have grown to love themselves, to be compassionate to the person they had become.

Please, when in the company of, when teaching, parenting, mentoring children and youth, tell them they ARE GOOD! They are NOT expected to BE GOOD! Tell them they ARE all they need to be……….they do not need years of training to be moral models in society. They already are!

How do I know – I have seen the resurrection of lost souls taking them through this journey of “BE GOOD!” to “You ARE GOOD!” And I have cried over the news of souls I came to respect and honour taken by suicide and murder, ones who never knew they ARE GOOD! They really were “all they need to be.”

I am sorry for your pain, and I can only hope we as a world come to flourish in a child’s beauty, instead of obsess over what we feel is their disregard for humanity.



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