Throughout my decade-plus creating and presenting A Life in Pieces, one aspect of my vision that has held precedence over the entire process is my book. After presenting numerous workshops, equating to multiple testimonials, it became clear this message of hope, encouragement and enlightenment, accompanied with a process successful in creating positive change in relationships, had to find an added outlet for people to engage – the book had begun. This was my opportunity to express, freely, conclusions derived from emotional, often times heartbreaking concerns and realities of children, youth, attendees, friends, even strangers empowered by the love and all-inclusive message of A Life in Pieces. The words carefully chosen inspire well-being and peace of mind and important truths ignite the spirit of the reader’s inner child allowing for a passionate, real connection to the detailed communication. My book IS my message.

This May 6th I am honored to be presenting a book study/workshop to professional staff with the Edmonton Public Schools, a session I have passionately begun preparing for with my full intention being that participants, from k-12, will feel this vision and its progress right from the start, and engage in experience, exploration and solutions throughout the day. Growth and transformation will begin with the first activity and clarity will prevail at the end of the session. Monday morning will be full-steam ahead with activities imbuing genuine respect, model behavior and productive, fair choices. Classrooms will change and re-energize; families will reshape and destress; most importantly, you will find balance and peace of mind, necessities that can easily be lost in our current. hurried lives.

I cannot wait to share our experience!



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