It is very difficult to place in words what immense awareness and learning can happen from what is being deemed the world’s greatest and most dangerous rescue, that of 12 young boys and their soccer coach from the cave in Thailand. People will have personal lessons from this story, hopefully expanding this journey through human greatness and true love into many aspects of their lives. I feel this is how real change can happen. I break my lesson from this selfless story into two critical parts –

Humanity and grace are alive!

I could start with a rant about the selfish, inhuman actions of many throughout this world regarding the plight of human beings needing a hand to begin a new life out of terrifying circumstances. Witnessing our borders and our hearts closing to multitudes of people in need of rescue is horrifying.

But I will concentrate on the indescribable courage of rescuers; both seeing, and hearing of the self-less giving of hundreds in order to save another. Professionals from all over the world were there to save 13 strangers. The beauty of their joining hands, working around the clock together is evident in the safe return of all but one volunteer Navy Seal. In the darkness of his loss, the team of angels strived, with more fury, to rescue everyone. The world has watched the greatness of the human spirit, please don’t forget it!

The truth that lies within every child – “I AM ME!”

For over a decade I have presented to people in all walks of life the important, yet disputed, highly unrecognized reality that children are ALL THEY NEED TO BE. They ARE good; kind; respectful and benevolent without having to be been trained into model citizens. They WILL “behave” humanely when their spirits are left free of judgement, insult, humiliation.

Children have a natural tendency to do the best they can and to please others. This truth was seen from the first images made public of these brave, amazing boys who were smiling for the cameras, the indicator that they cared more for others before themselves, as the sight of smiling boys made us feel happy and confident.

After hearing survival stories of other cave explorers who got into dangerous situations, you realize there are numerous emotions going on inside, including great fear, anxiety, uncertainty and yes, optimism with the thirst to live. But, not mentioned by anyone I saw, was the feeling of happy (the infamous smiling face emoji). Indeed, there would have been a level of happiness when the boys first knew there was a chance of rescue BUT they gave no indication of other emotions eating away at their hearts, their drive, their nerves. They did not cry or shake with fear. This they kept hidden to the world. They “showed” a happy emotion because they did not want to worry others.  A truth bestowed upon all children of all decade’s past by adults who once experienced this very truth as a child – a smile means you ARE happy. And in this decade, what is expected of children everywhere is – we want to see more smiles; more happy children.

This is where we fail our children and create, not eliminate the possibility of mental health issues. If critical inward feelings must be hidden behind a smile to avoid punishment, or just to make others feel good, the heart fills with sadness, anger, dread and anxiety. We have been brainwashed by professionals into believing we as a human race can detect the feelings behind the look on a face. We use cartoons, hand drawings, silly faces to “teach” children their own feelings and the feelings of others, insinuating they can see a face, know EXACTLY what it is saying and determine EXACTLY how they/another are feeling. One thing for certain while experimenting with this proposed truth is WE CANNOT determine the feelings of others, as others cannot tell you how you feel.  One need not go any further than their own personal relationships to know it is not possible to “understand the feelings of others and react appropriately”, just try it with your spouse; your partner; your children.

What did these incredible, strong children/youth show the world? Simply – children around the globe are miracles, our gifts, our way to better knowledge of how to treat others with kindness and care. Their natural instinct to think of others is to be observed and rewarded daily with a genuine smile; a kind act; a lot of love.

What do we need to change?

STOP thinking we can judge anyone’s feelings, child and adult, as it is impossible…..

STOP teaching and thinking a smile means happy because more often than not it is the way to hide despair and fear….

STOP thinking children of this world are lacking, therefore needing training to be moral beings……

START screaming any day at any time that children ARE good! They ARE all they need to be! Join me in this truth and you will see hearts, just like the world’s Thai boys, everywhere. Thank you boys for your great beauty and grace!






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