With the help of brilliant, spirited youth, and multiple adults still navigating life, I put “pen to paper” with a truth we must attend to. I hope you take the time to read this and help create change.

I have had multiple years presenting my all-inclusive, non-opinionated, unbiased program, with success, as these 3 critical life pieces allow participants the greatest amount of freedom and safety to truly feel what is complicating, and also simplifying their lives. There is always the conclusion that what depletes our energy, saddens our hearts, and depresses our minds are the staunch, at times unrelenting opinions and judgment of others, directed towards our beliefs and our actions, whether they know us/our lives, or not. This has been a common thread of human nature for centuries, but is now more devastating and destructive with the use of social media and the ability to insult and shame at the touch of a key.

Why is this so important to change? Why should we NOT post extreme, one-sided beliefs directed at, for example, certain races, single parents, the LGBTQ community/same sex marriage, euthanasia, women and abortion? Because someone, actually multiples of “someone” are down, depressed, confused, scared, alone, and/or suicidal and screaming for peace of mind while navigating life that can be difficult. One post, along with the often hateful conversation that follows, only deepens their hell, and may perhaps be the last words they are able to absorb before loosing their life battle altogether.

So if a particular picture catches your attention, please, do NOT post your opinion “just because”, show restraint and talk to family/friends if you are bothered by life change. And if you know someone who is posting destructive comments, stop them as we all have a role in stopping on-line bullying.  Always remember this world is diverse and EVERY person is different from another, so the world cannot be connected by “one way, my way, or the highway”. Our world is completely personal and individual to the billions of people who live in it. Decisions are for one person only, whatever “side” they take.



To anyone shamed, insulted, demeaned, depressed, made to feel inhuman because of a strangers post, PLEASE hear me – ignore them and remember there are many in this world who are with you no matter your situation! We support you! Our heart goes out to you! Your opinion is the only opinion that matters for you! Wrap yourself in the true statement “I AM ME!” I am with you!

And thank you to everyone who has taken an action to stop on-line bullying. It takes courage at times to confront those with fixed beliefs, as their steadfastness in pushing their opinions on others means they cannot see, refuse to see the pain they cause others. For everyone you stop, you save others unnecessary pain.



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  1. Mallorie says:

    I love this!!!!

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