How best to achieve the moral skills degree, and at a young age? Take a negative descriptive word, like disrespect (horizontal – sadness), turn it on its side (vertical – confidence), and write positive, progressive, successful descriptive words and turn them into song, poetry, art and repeat them over and over. For example, eliminate the claim that “you are disrespectful” and turn it into –


D – for delightful

I – for insightful

S – for super

R – for respectful

E – for excellent

S – for soulful

P – for polite

E – for energizing

C – for considerate

T – for trying

F – for fair

U – for understanding

L – for lovable

You now have 13 progressive words letting the children/youth own their respect. Repeating these words over and over, then exploring more meanings of the same words will strengthen the pride, the calm, the joy, and the acceptance they will feel in abundance.

Now take other “annoying”, “aggravating” behaviors of your children, like interrupting, bullying and repeat the same exercise. You WILL create the atmospheres you long to have! You WILL be re-energized!




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