I write this in honor of a young man who, as yet, is still navigating his way through primary school, his first dating relationships, new friendships, hardships befalling young people like drugs……..and has already attempted suicide. This heartbreaking reality should get every adult questioning – “what are we doing to our children????”

Two things we are doing, that we must stop, are expecting our children to be “perfect”, and expecting our youth to change everything bad in the world, expectations that are impossible and extremely destructive. Read the following and do your own analysis of this article, including what detrimental effects this would have on our youth.


As this reader felt this was “good advice for all teens!”, I want to tell you it is not! With teens being a huge part of my life’s work, I know unequivocally that they need to be unburdened with the role of “owing the world”, making it so “no one will be at war”, “in sickness”, and “lonely.” Centuries of youth existing in this world have failed to succeed with these expectations. This reader, the principal, the judge all failed to make this change when they were youth, so why, and how is it possible that youth today should OR can?

What youth need is love, patience, freedom, exploration. They need adults who WILL do things for them because we do owe them everything! Build them recreational facilities so they will find friendships and activities as they navigate through life; we owe them fun because fun helps us learn and keeps our brains healthy.  Please youth, cry when you have to, demand that adults live up to their expectations of taking care of you, dream and wish through your lives.

As for adults today who live in a world where suicide is the number two killer of our children, stop sitting around expecting youth to make your lives easier. We owe it to our children to NOT create the pain they are in; we owe it to our children to make this world a better place. Simply put, adults GROW UP! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!




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