If every human on this earth fell asleep, then awakened to a brand-new start, we could make a real shift in global unity, love and genuine peace through two simple words “you ARE….”. Two powerful words to preface every moral expectation we have of every child born, such as good, kind, respectful.

Today, in this global pandemic crises, we continue our centuries old demand on every child, youth and adult alive to “BE kind”; “BE co-operative”; BE honest”; say PLEASE!; SAY THANK YOU!, meaning we spend our day watching for behaviors and actions we judge to be appropriately kind and good. Have you ever thought about the actual definition of KIND, whether it is black and white? Have you ever thought about the exact actions you are looking for or if another person thinks of the word kind the same as you? When expecting anyone to BE kind, you send the message that they are not yet at this moral place, but you are. This is hurtful, humiliating, frustrating and create never-ending pain.

Kindness is innate, meaning many beautiful beings naturally demonstrate acts of kindness during the day that we block from our hearts and minds because we are watching for kindness like we watch for cars on the road – look right, is that kind? Look left, is that kind? And yet, all you have to do is just “be” in your day, search for nothing and there in front of you will be a subtle smile, a quiet child, a pat on the shoulder, a gesture of fairness. You won’t have a “that’s it” moment because you won’t be hunting for your version of kindness, you will have peace in your heart because this unexpected act will reach your soul.

You need go no further than the lesson Donald Trump is teaching the world, the ones that start with “BE……” At a time front-line workers are risking their lives, and dying because of Covid-19, he endangers them more because some Governors asking him for financial aide are, what he believes, speaking against him, criticizing his response to an unprecedented crises and this is angering him greatly. He wants little interaction with those who cannot “BE grateful!” to him.

So, when our front-line workers walk into danger, would they rather hear “BE grateful!” then I might  help you, OR “YOU ARE amazing!!” and I am here for you!

And these heroes are amazing, not because someone told them they better BE amazing, but because they always have been.

In a new and successful world – STOP telling people to BE KIND. Start letting go of this destruction and start absorbing the natural beauty of those around you. Start screaming – “YOU ARE GOOD!” “YOU ARE KIND!” “YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED TO BE!”



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