Hello everyone!

Welcome to my session with the Paliser teachers – districts surrounding Calgary. It was again a thrill and a stimulating challenge engaging attendees in the reinterpretation of “behavior problems”; basically facts about the brain because the brain is behavior. Throughout the powerpoint presentation, pieces of “life” connect and visually demonstrate how we are actually creating many of the behaviors we are trying to stop in our children and students. Scenarios experiencing feelings such as “what makes you angry”, affect the emotional part of a child’s brain immediately and stress to the brain the fact that it should be watching for the very situation that “makes you mad.” So instead of being able to “just let things go” – i.e. knocking down the tower –  the emotional brain now says – “be mad!”

Solution – Begin with a calm brain and state – “you students are all kind and good. I know that recess today will be wonderful!”                                             Junior High – “You students looked at, and experienced your fairness yesterday – time for a fair, cooperative, respectful  break!                                                  High School - “Good Morning empathetic, humane students! Our day begins with knowing we feel connected to your selves and to our fellow students and teachers. What a great way to start the day!

Results - Students will not be looking for what makes them mad and will coast through what could be deemed “conflict”. All is calm!



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