What a day of reflection and learning. From early morning to late afternoon I had the priveledge  of presenting to, and creating life puzzles with bright education students, and two new gifted friends. Again, as in all sessions, we began with the intense, yet simply understood meaning and facts about the brain and behavior. The brain is behavior therefore we want to create and maintain healthy brains to produce good behavior and positive choices. Connecting verbal expressions (“I AM KIND!) with unconscious feelings connected to these expressions (“that makes me feel energized, respected, happy……”) helped the attendees live as their students. This solidifies within their own hearts why we want to bring the message of A Life in Pieces – “I AM all I need to be….” – into the classroom. This solidifies why there is not only successful friendships and relationships, but also optimum learning.

Through lunch and into the late afternoon, individual, unique puzzles were brought to life and showed clearly what we all need to remember and cherish about life itself – we are all different; unique; indivual. Noone is like me, therefore no expectation nor rule can really be assumed to fit the understanding of all people. “Be good” means different things to different people, therefore is not a directed or clear statement. Exclaiming always that we are already ” the expectation of the day” – i.e -respectful – relaxes everyone and learning is the focus day.


Thank you students and friends. This vision and program continues to grow with your beauty!


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