To have a fresh, effective, progressive program that ends the bully epidemic is like a dream to many. Working with child-centered institutions setting up private sessions for staff, it has come to light that bullying IS an epidemic. I cannot enter one place of employment without the word brought to life. Following outlines A Life in Pieces – the anti-bullying solution:

* allows any child to “become” words owning respect and consideration through their constant use, prefacing often with “I AM……” or  ”YOU ARE….” This will decrease any anxiety and adrenalin flow that may now be addicting. We want to disconnect from these emotions, just as the kids have in this brilliant picture with their classroom puzzle they created. Favorite words of goodness covered the heart (bottom) of this life puzzle and each individual, unique piece

* define, acknowledge, habitually use progressive words that will change the thoughts of not only the aggressor, but the victim and the situation. i.e. = you ARE bright, clearly embraces a child/youth inner ability to take control of what is right – “I AM INSIGHTFUL!” This will encode peaceful, calming memories in the brain, creating, with no effort, respectful behavior.

* help change an intimidating student into one with a new-found internal reality, opening his/her day to numerous positive choices. “YOU ARE LOVE”, meaning gentle and warm, meaning “You will not intimidate.”

* touch (the most passionate of all the senses) beauty puzzle pieces, the nucleus of the bully’s spirit. Habitually exclaim – “I AM REMARKABLE!” This allows the change to be through the bully’s eyes/understanding, not that of others.

* engaging in activities, writing songs, poems, plays ect. to constantly remind the brain and the body of its innate ability to empathize.


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