I made a conscious decision to omit session presentations for the year 2014, mainly to reflect on one pronounced reason we as a society continually search for, thus obviously not realize solutions to decades-old problems. For example, we have spent centuries searching for the “good” child, a process naturally involving the search for programs to create this good child. If past programs, programs you have heard over and over, worked, why do we continue to seek out sessions on inappropriate behavior, anti-bullying – NOT a good child? More importantly, how are behaviors like bullying increasing when research and supposed answers have been given for decades? Have you ever reflected on these questions? Have you reflected on this simple, pronounced answer – we NEVER change what we do to make problems change, therefore how can change happen? We have yet to solidify answers to, or see improvement in such realities as domestic violence, bullying, suicide, bullycide, eating disorders, self-harm yet we have studied and presented “solutions” to these for years. Today, for the first time ever, children’s mental health is worse than their physical health. The big worry here – “for the first time ever,” all begging the question – are things really getting better? There are millions of links, books, documentaries, movies, workshops we can use “to succeed”, all dating back decades, even centuries (the golden rule). I repeat – If indeed these solutions worked, we would no longer be desperate for change, as change would have already occurred and peace, equality, social justice would prevail. It would be known – you ARE already good.

It is astounding how much learning and reflecting happened in the span of this year, and for A Life in Pieces to end 2014 with the YMCA Peace Medallion truly solidifies its success, success derived from empowering and immersing myself in the true meaning of life, accomplished through the life creations constructed by many people through their unjudged journey of “who am I?” I am constantly in the presence of vulnerable souls from young to old, telling me through their truths, that they feel they are NOT good enough. This results, from a very young age, in broken hearts and battered spirits, consequences causing changed behavior, character and tragically changed lives. Can this reality absolutely change? Join in my reflections -

Observe the following facts – all types of bullying are at an all time high; roughly half of Canadian women have experienced domestic violence; worldwide children are more abused at home than on the streets or even at war;  every 40 seconds somebody on this planet commits suicide; suicide is the number two cause of death among children, youth and young adults; about 2 million children are exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade and on and on.

CHALLENGE – Looking at the highlighted words, question if it isn’t time to dissect what we are doing and have done for centuries and leave the status quo to start to see these horrors disappear.

The status quo – to take away “who I am” and build fear into the heart so we act not out of peace within, but out of fear of punishment. I become who you want me to be so you will not yell at me; insult me; shame me. I am never good enough, therefore you keep building labels, rules and expectations, lists of social skills demanding I obey, so that one day I will be GOOD. The demand to “be good” has grown to 50 social expectations for kids under 6, expectations adults do not, perhaps cannot succeed in themselves. Not a great reality! Where do we go from here? Follow my next post DARE TO CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO and explore the challenges and see positive results.


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