Below you will see the magnificent YMCA peace medallion I was awarded in recognition of the work, progress and successes achieved with A Life in Pieces. I share this honour with the many victims of abuse and injustice in the world. In other words, those individuals whom by no fault of their own, cannot realize peace within as there is so much hurt in their lives. I work to build hope and self-pride in everyone, as together we break down brick walls built from judgement, insult and hurt and reconstruct gardens of genuine greatness within our hearts.

The reason for peace – the following puzzles, developed by youth and adults in 2018, again illustrate hearts and minds in distress due to offensive judgement descriptions they have come to believe they “are”, converting to peaceful solitude exclaiming to the world who they really are – this IS peace





Try this at home. Look in the mirror and scream out “I AM NOT…..” to all the “names” you have been given through the years that have been hurtful and have affected your well-being. Then, take a few breaths and scream out who it is you really are! Scream out “I AM ME!” Scream out “I AM ALL I NEED TO BE!”