Through her insight and honest writing, Lana Buoy takes an in-depth look at why there is an increasing amount of aggression and violence surrounding the lives of children and youth everywhere. She offers clear solutions to this problem by presenting a unique method that will bring peace to families, schools, and communities.

Familiarize yourself with this cogent step-by-step process, which focuses on why children can become problems, and presents clear methods that will eliminate the difficult task of disciplining the “problem child.” Through her logical and cohesive arguments, Lana encourages change by discarding preconceived ideas about “good” and “bad” children, replacing these thoughts with a belief in the beauty they possess and their potential for goodness. Her goal is to solidify that morally, children are all they need to be.

Through her constructive advice, she helps eliminate the barriers between children and adults that only add stress to the home and classroom environments. Allow her to take you on this enlightening journey, where she emphasizes unification by encouraging adults to get in touch with the child they once were in order to nourish and better understand the emotional wellbeing of all children.

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I felt my life through this whole book. I AM GOOD! I AM NOT BAD! Thank you for helping me see this truth.

I loved the conversation in chapter 11 between adult and child. It really helped me understand why I have to pay attention to the meaning of words. Words can be destructive.

There is no doubt in my mind and my heart that your ideas will only help to develop a genuine love and caring to all and also enable young and old alike to grow and develop for the better. Thank you Lana for opening my heart and mind more than it already was.

Fantastic! Creating a solid foundation of “building blocks” for children to develop and learn from is a challenge. The pieces of your puzzle represent who we are as individuals, and also as families, schools and communities, helping us become a society where everyone is valued as contributing members. If only everyone could be positive in their interactions – what a warm, loving, respectful place the world would be. Thank you so much for reaffirming my belief in the importance of instilling positive characteristics in children.

When children are labeled in a negative way, they become that label because that is what they are taught and that is what they come to believe. I will now look for more positives in children’s behavior and praise them more. The more positive and kind you are to children, the more positive and kind they will be.

This is very interesting and thought provoking. I can’t wait to try the ideas on my own 3 children and my husband. It will be interesting to see what they feel themselves. Your ideas will help them feel more positive about themselves and life. Hopefully they can share their positiveness with others. I will also use these ideas in the classroom.

I really appreciated your ideas Lana. Words of affirmation are so positive and powerful. I believe that given the chance to hear the positives can benefit us all. The idea of the puzzle is a great idea.

I think I will now be more careful about choosing my words! I certainly don’t want to bring down a child’s self-esteem. I am eager to begin your ideas with some children I work with.

Intense. Terrific. Out-standing. Excellent. Awesome. Encouraging. I can use these ideas in all aspects of my life.

I found that I could really relate to your book. As a child I was a bit slower at learning new things and the other kids in my class knew this. To make a long story short, I was teased a lot and high school was no different. By this time most of my teachers did not care, so at grade ten I dropped out. I got the courage to go back when my kids got old enough, only to find out that they were going through the same thing that I did as a kid. I totally agree with what your book teaches as I have always tried to be positive with my own kids. It was nice to meet you, the world needs more positive people in it then maybe there would be less wars.