“Very powerful and well taught for sure. By the end of the session everyone was on fire!”

“Thank you for being so brave. Thank you for all of your reading. Thank you for all of your research.                                                   I know my life will be better for my grand-daughter because of your “good news.”

Welcome to A Life in Pieces testimonials, shared by numerous parents,  families, communities, youth, and also professionals in the field of education, child care, foster care, social services, and treatment home/group home.

Over the years I have accumulated thousands of testimonials, all important to the growth of A life in Pieces. One such story is seen to the left, a mirror infused with the words of A Life in Pieces that inspired and gave hope to an attendee of a session. This particular educator was in my first ever session, and 12 years later is still greatly involved in the process of my vision with A Life in Pieces. My office is adorned with this priceless piece of art. What a testimonial!



From amazing youth – what they liked most about the session

“Knowing the difference between “I am” and “I am not”

“The exercises”

“Lana made it fun.”

“Lana’s energy”

“Learning tools and skills abut myself.”

“Learning ways of treating others.”

“Message to love ourselves no matter what.”

“New information.”

“I would change nothing.”

“The session was inspiring because she said I am amazing! She was Amazing because she told me I am Awesome!”

“I loved it; it teaches kids that there is hope.”

“She is very outgoing and seemed to understand the words people badly call us and gave us as even better understanding with our puzzle. It’s hard to explain but this workshop got me to open up with how people see me, well some people see me, and how I see myself positively, not negatively.”

““She is funny. She talked to us a lot.”

“making a puzzle; I would change nothing about this session; everything; singing; after the session when I stayed behind; when we started finding ourselves; her jokes”.                                                                                       for more youth testimonials and pictures of youth creating A Life in Pieces, please scroll down to FROM THE TESTIMONIALS OF YOUTH

From adults hearing the same session – what they liked most

“Communication is so important; Lana did a great job driving this point home.”

“The speaker was energetic and engaged the group.”

“The session was very inspiring. So often we don’t listen to our children as we should. We need to really talk to our children and ask them what they want, what they feel, and join ;its of cases, NEED!”

“Learning what the students felt about themselves. Adult moods/posture affect youth.”

“The instructor was very funny. The humour she uses to get her message across. It was very entertaining!”

“We left the session with a good understanding of the material and ready to incorporate her program into our everyday teaching life.”

“The best session I ever attended!”

“The laughing! There was active participation!”

“I came with no expectations, but I am so happy to finally have a day of enouragement. Self-assess my expectations of those around me and of myself; but most important to believe that I can make a difference on the outcomes of the children in my care and their behaviors. Thank you – can you come every three months?”

“Finding a different tool to deal with emotions. The puzzle can help children identify with how they feel.”

“How it gave you an inside look at how to fix yourself to make you feel worthy.”

“Lana included me into her presentation. There was active participation.”

“That laughter is great medicine to get a child working. And learning how words can hurt and inspire.”

“To learn to build up children, instead of focusing on NOT bullying. putting teaching emphasis on the positive and building up self-esteem so there is no bullying given or received.”

“Connecting first to “I AM NOT….” to “I AM!”

“Can’t wait to do the puzzles with my students!”

“The best part was when the presenter explained about the pieces students go through.”

“Best part was being taught awareness on how my negative feelings are impacting the people around me.”

“Lana involved all participants and has an amazing way of getting her point across.”

“Positive energy in the room and from the presenter.”

“Yes, yes and yes! A dynamic, energetic and joyful experience to behold!!! Lana’s personality/presentation EXUDES confidence and decent, human integrity.  Thanks, thanks and thanks!”

“I wouldn’t change a thing – it was awesome!”

“Profound, emotional and enlightening! Great session! Uplifting; interactive; informative; fun; great energy”"

“Showed how to focus on one thing, rather than many things which may cause stress.”

“Seeing beyond, or other meaning, of “Be Good.”

“She went to each kid trying to get to know them and giving us a good hope for life.” (from a youth)

“Had me think about words in a new way. I loved the idea of I am good…..”

FROM THE TESTIMONIALS OF YOUTH, the most common conclusion was – “the session is excellent, interesting, fun, informative, met my expectations, and I would recommend it to others.” For the question – my suggestions for future sessions – a summary of “none, it was great! It is an amazing program and speech. I learned a lot. She is a funny speaker.” This fills my heart.   It is an honour to present to, and work with youth.            Amazing puzzles were created by youth with beautiful words of goodness, and also words of confusion and sadness, expected when A Life in Pieces provides the safety and respect they so desperately look for. We discussed why kids feel – trapped; insanity; lonely – and I concentrate on imbuing as much love and hope to their spirits as I can.                                                      

Implementing A Life in Pieces: bringing the puzzles to life



WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO HAVE YOU WITH US! The staff definitely wants to work on individual puzzles……they want to take in the lessons and have something tangible…..

Hi Lana: I attended A Life in Pieces workshop at Grant MacEwan university  a couple years ago. I would like to pass on your information to my ProD committee in hopes they will bring you in next year.”

“Takes psychological facts and makes them more concrete, less abstract. Filled with energy that is nothing but infectious.”

“I never looked at how bad words VS good words affect children, youth, adolescents, even adults!!! Made me think.”

“Very informational; very inspiring.”

“It had me reassessing my expectations of youth and how they are often expectations I fail to meet myself.”

“Totally involved in whole presentation. She had a lot of fun and enjoyed having people participate.”

“She was great!! I think that’s what I needed to make my day – just think out stuff…..” (from a youth)

“The most imperative role of the child care educator is to reinforce a child’s confidence & enhance a child’s self-worth. The “Life in Pieces” model recognizes this necessity & addresses it in an effective way!”

“Presenter was well informed.”

“Loved the visual and the personality of the presenter. Found a new way of looking at things and feelings.”

“The word BULLY should be banned – like swears!”

“This day gives meaning to “bullying”. This is great. This session is good.”

“I felt very “part of the learning.” It was fun and by the end I wanted to go in front of a group of kids and get them to scream “I AM GOOD!”

“The presentation shows how we can make the environment better using better voice tone, better attitude, better language in helping them, and solving/stopping all the bad behavior. Thank you for bringing in fun activities for us!”

“I appreciated the “openness” of the seminar. It gave me a recharge of the knowledge that I had learned previously but pushed away with the trials of the job. This workshop inspires me to be the educator I dream/know I can be.”

Whole session was inspiring, as was the presenter. Amazing information. I wouldn’t change a thing about this session – it was perfect.

I feel really grateful that our speaker/facilitator this afternoon is jolly, she is very energetic and very knowledgable about the topic. I am great and happy and thankful that I have entered this afternoon’s session because I have learned a lot about positive attitudes, challenging behaviors and discipline.

I felt motivated by this seminar – your attitude and spirit were energetic. I have a few “problem” children at work that no one can handle but me. By taking this class I am going back to work with great knowledge that will help me understand and help these children.

This workshop has been absolutely fantastic. It has had a great affect on me. I have learned what can prevent problem behaviors by seeing myself as a child; thinking I am good and the qualities it relates to. Showing these qualities and executing them in a classroom can only have a positive reaction from the students. Also, making the puzzles was a lot of fun! Thanks so much. I am so glad I took this workshop!

This healthy process can only enrich my life and my practice, ultimately benefiting the students under my care. Thank you!

You session made me realize the importance of telling kids they are already good enough. Thank you! Your message is inspiring. I am good!

Excellent.  Her passion and knowledge is wonderfull.  Should be a full day session.

Excellent focus and enthusiasm.

Love how it fits in with philosophy of not highlighting these negative behaviors.

I found this was a thought provoking session with many laughs. I like the idea of using art to express happiness. Today made me feel energized and motivated. I want to find a way to bring joy to students and my concerns because too many have become sad, jaded and insecure. I find it difficult to remember that i am worthy and creative so I hope this will help me find a way to express that side of me.

Lana is so encouraging and the positive attitude is extremely important! I have benefitted greatly from this session.

I am in awe of the discovery of your program. I am a vice-prinicipal at my high school and I couldn’t understand why a bully was the way he/she was. Not one did I think to ask the bully “who are they?” I disciplined them and suspended them, but it never helped. I would like to know more about your program.”

It was awsome. This workshop wil change the way I do things with my students.  This workshop is awesome – it spoke to me. Now I know what to do with the students.

Today made me feel “more good” about myself. I learned a lot of things I always wanted to learn about – how to help with my son and also my students. This gave me a better understanding and i really enjoyed it. this is something i really needed for a long time. Thanks for your time.


“I loved this session!”

“Loved completing my life puzzle.”

“This was cool. Don’t change anything.”

FROM THE ADULTS (separate session)

“Very good and interesting. Sounds great for youth.”

“I would love to take part as a “youth” and create my personal puzzle.”

“A lot of information – time flew! Thank you for sharing. This was very enjoyable. It taught me alot.”

Social Workers Conference – 34 evaluations

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Knowledgeable 25 5 3 1 0
Organized 20 9 3 0 1
Engaged the audience 25 7 3 0 0
Quality of answers 19 11 1 0 0


I would recommend ACSW use this presenter again:  27- Yes ¨ No

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Current 23 7 2 0 0
Practice based 22 5 5 0 0
Informative 24 5 4 1 0

I would like to see more workshops with this content at future ACSW events:  32 out of 34- Yes ¨

“Lana made the presentation exciting and made me want to know more and more. It was a fantastic presentation. Thank you!

“This seminar is very helpful and stimulating. Excited to try it with the children.”

“Attending for a second time in a row. This session is a great refreshing learning experience. So great! I wish to have you for a presenter with staff and    parents.”

“Lana’s workshop was very inspirational, stimulating, educational and motivating. She shares the info with passion and enthusiasm as she has first hand    experiences from which  she draws knowledge.”

“Very Vibrant and informative. Great info needed as reminder of what affect caregivers have on the children in their care.”

“My session with Lana was unforgettable. She is so pumped with positive energy – it was so easy to stay focused. She is very knowledgeable in this field. I could relate to alot of the scenarios she used. I cannot wait to see it in our classroom.”

“Excellent workshop! It helped with my problem.”

“This was a comprehensive out-of-the-box session – just what I needed.”

“Loved the puzzle activity! Awesome message – I am so thankful I heard you!”

Lana, I just wanted to tell you again how much I truly enjoyed your session. I have been recharged and released alot of inner frustration.

” Lana, I learned that we can all extricate ourselves from an occasional black hole.”

“WOW! The energy is phenomenal! Definitely made a difference in my perspective about the children I work with. I now have many more resources for understanding these children.”

“This session reminded me that all our students are truly good people and are capable of goodness. If we can remind the kids more often that they are human beings instead of all of the things that are disgusting to society, they will believe in themselves. If we as EA’s can awaken these beliefs in children, they will be resilient in the situations that are unhealthy for them.”

“Every child is worth the effort. I am worth the effort. When I feel that nothing I do will make a difference to this child, it reflects back on me and how I feel about myself. Thanks Lana!”

“I feel energized, validated, sane and hopeful!”

“Finally, someone gets it!”

“Lana I love it! It makes me feel that “I want more.” Can I please implement A Life in Pieces into my daycare.”

“I feel appreciated by Lana, hearing that I AM GOOD is a nice feeling. I will be more positive with the negative behaviour. I will tell the child “he is good.” I don’t know what his family life is like. I need to see the child, not the behaviour.”

“I am so tired of hearing so much negative about “my” child that it weighs on me everyday. I am so glad to know that there is someone like yourself teaching POSITIVE in so many areas of the system and so many people that work with children.”

“Loved how she made me see behavior different.”

“I have learned so much in this workshop. Now I can go home and see more potential in the children I teach, by the way I react towards them. This has even made a difference in me and how I need to look at myself.”

“It has given me a more open mind, making me see that I have to have more compassion for troubled children. It is so easy to be angry with them, but you have turned things around for me to think with my heart and soul. Be positive to the children and this will make them shine and bring out their true inner self.”

Concordia University

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