Hello, thank you for visiting A Life in Pieces. My name is Lana Buoy and I am the creator and presenter of  A Life in Pieces (ALIP). My vision of realizing respect and happiness in all types of relationships came to fruition with the implementation of ALIP in 2004, and continues today with workshops held locally around Edmonton, throughout Alberta and internationally. I have enjoyed attendees from across Western Canada, from many professions including teachers, EA’s, administrators, education students, childcare workers, social workers, foster  parents/treatment home facilitators, parents/guardians, early learning facilitators and peace activists. Success for these diverse groups of participants begins with a fresh and unique feeling of calm as the realization of progress and opportunity grows with my revolutionary vision for change, a vision that was honored November 2014 as I became the Recipient of the 2014 YMCA Peace Medallion. I disengage from programs and ideas we have used for decades, those attempting to eliminate unhappiness, bullying, addictions, domestic violence and much more. An accepted belief of many today is that we continue to repeat processes we have engaged in the past and continue to get the same outcomes, or worse – increased bullying, violence, family discord, depression and suicide in children and youth. This is a strong indication that things are not improving and change is not happening. I want genuine change! I have experienced genuine change, both professionally and personally, as have numerous attendees. I want you to look at the hard work you put into developing relationships and decide if you are living the relationships you desire. Journey through this encouraging, empowering process, connect with your spirit and reward yourself with harmony and calm  – you deserve it!

My journey to peace and awareness began with a passion for individuals (most notably children and youth) living vulnerable, risky lives. This led to the completion of my degree in Adaptive Physical Education, a program with emphasis on children/youth with behavioral, emotional and/or physical challenges. I now have over twenty years experience as an educator, facilitated healing and change in treatment homes for at-risk children and youth and volunteered at youth shelters. I have happily connected beautiful at-risk children to ALIP, a great addition to their lives as it builds inner strength and also an understanding of their true character, their true spirit, all the while admitting to and exploring their life stressors through their blackhole puzzle. I have personally implemented and joyfully experienced the successes of ALIP in my classroom, and the treatment homes I was employed at, thriving with bright children, all of whom met optimum educational and emotional success. Supportive and progressive relationships were realized  between staff and parents/guardians as well, with parents insisting that the use of ALIP not only generated increased learning, more positive behavior at school and home, but a renewed level of hope and faith in their children that they ARE GOOD! Attendance at my sessions has led to me introducing and completing the process of ALIP in child-centered institutions, group/treatment home facilities, marriages and a family dealing with terminal cancer. ALIP leaves hope for emotional (healing), social and intellectual growth. Many ALIP puzzles (the tool to success) have been constructed to improve social and intellectual growth, help individuals heal from abuse, improve communication in marriages, accept and heal through terminal disease, and also help people maintain the happiness that already exists their lives.

Throughout my life I have been fortunate to befriend and work with so many beautiful children, including those labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, depression and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some children are afflicted with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. I have, and continue to be overwhelmed with the strength and brilliance of children/youth victimized by sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and abandonment, living in homes of domestic violence, and/or living with parents suffering from addictions and mental illness. My work with them is indescribable. A number of the families I work with live in poverty. I have been fortunate to develop close connections with several parents, many of who had the hope and desire for change. ALIP has instilled happiness in many of their homes.

Due to my deep involvement with some children/youth and their families, I have been immersed in the community of social services, child welfare and foster care/group home, often acting as liaison. This connection with Child and Family services continues today as my family is in the process of adopting a teen who has been a member of our family for 13 years. My level of activism for families, children and youth has grown immensely through this process.

In “piecing” ALIP together I found the desire and need to write my book, “A Life in Pieces: A Piece-by-Piece Guide to Realizing Harmony in Families, Schools and  Communities. My  heart is with children and youth, especially at this time of increasing aggression and violence surrounding their lives, virtually everywhere in the world.  To readers, I offer clear solutions to chaos created by behavior and attitudes that are seemingly intolerable. With my unique method of empowerment, self-control and self-discipline are achieved, allowing for respect, compassion and peace.




contact: lanabuoy@gmail.com                (780) 242-7076