A fresh, effective program that creates understanding, better communication and genuine happiness within the home                                                                                                    environment. Experience growth as a family.

The Tool and the Manual:

A 26 piece puzzle “living” in the home, igniting the senses. See it! Feel it!

26 pieces used by individual family members, or as a family unit, to inscribe carefully chosen, clearly defined words like empathy and patience, all representing the innate goodness of each family member.

26 pieces providing a concrete understanding of calm when the pieces are connected and frustration when they are apart. The life puzzle succeeds with peaceful communication.

Marriage/Family manual, including my life discoveries, 26 words, their definitions, activities and pictures to help implement, intensify and continue the use of this important vocabulary.

Provide tangible representations of feelings and intentions that explain behaviors more clearly.
ie. “I know that I am (you are) fair (intention = to be kind and respectful), therefore I can, and will, listen.” (action = showing the intent, which is to be kind and co-operative).

Simple to use for everyone, utilizing adjectives beginning with “I am”, a goal enhancer.
ie. “I am kind, I am respectful, therefore I can, and want to co-operate.”

Non-judgmental and calming, with no fear of reprimand or complaint when unique masterpieces expressing individual interpretation of word definitions are displayed.

The Process Involves

Becoming more sensitive to, and impassioned by the meaning of words like admirable, fondly, friendship and fortunate, that help to solidify the true state of happiness.

Channeling negative thoughts and attitudes to more positive through the examination of words like good, as defined and examined in the picture of our family tree.

Creating a safe journey of self-discovery and awareness with pictures, flowers and your life puzzle. These will differ for each unique family member.

Identifying opinions, desires and needs more clearly in order to decrease, even eliminate the misinterpretation of the actions of others.

Increasing understanding of oneself, as each person can literally see the individual puzzle pieces representing component parts of ” them.” ie. “I am helpful and a good partner, so I will be there for others if they need me. I am heartful and warm, therefore I will not be controlling.”

Creating word masterpieces and activities to help differentiate between stressful and anxiety-filled relationships and relationships imbuing calm and safety.

The Outcome Successes

Improving difficult partnerships by decreasing stress and reducing conflict. Have fun!

Reconnecting by disconnecting from extremely busy lives. Turn off the cell phone and laugh!

Improving the ability to listen to, and increasing the want to learn from each other.

Long term transformation in thoughts about oneself and other family members. Joy is evident!

Remembering the good times that are recorded on the family puzzle and in the creative art. The brain gets addicted to a new and improved way of life.

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