A holistic, wholesome process for all to embrace. “Piece” together spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical balance. Engage many Aboriginal traditions that set the foundation in the circle of life.

A Community of Respect

As Aboriginals, you are blessed with beliefs that allow equality for all people. It is my pleasure to bring forth a peace program that connects many of these beliefs. When I think of A Life in Pieces I envision, for many reasons, thriving amongst the first occupants of the land – the indigenous people. In autonomous communities filled with love and respect, learning was accomplished through insight and experience, not hierarchy, judgement or control. Through this experience, and prevailing kindness, gentleness and understanding, wise educators explained the circle of life. Ease and happiness must have been evident in wholesome and stable relationships, allowing wellness to pass from one generation to the next. Enveloped by what I believe would have been a true sense of calm, men, women and children could achieve spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual balance. This to me is Hozho, the Navajo word that embodies a radiant array of our physical, biological and spiritual attributes, and means beauty, harmony, goodness and happiness. Hozho surrounds A Life in Pieces and will come to be the feelings and emotions you hold sacred in your personal inner peace.

A Life in Pieces and Aboriginals Connect

A Life in Pieces diversity and wide range of programs share and intensify important aspects of the Aboriginal community. Some are as follows:

1) “Academic, spiritual and emotional education should endure a lifetime, beginning before the celebrated birth of one’s child, and ending the last day of life on Mother earth.”

A Life in Pieces ignites and sustains all forms of education, beginning in any stage of life. The ideal – deriving knowledge and beauty from words at the moment of conception and continuing to intensify the new-found language through infancy, youth and adulthood – will enhance family relations, school learning and interconnectedness, and community cooperation. A Life in Pieces is a never-ending journey of intelligence and emotion, as the understanding and creation of words can last a lifetime.

2) “Children are a gift from the creator, deserving of love, trust, protection and respect.”

A Life in Pieces assures children live and learn in safety and receive emotional balance and optimum learning in all environments. A Life in  Pieces connects the insight, wit, openness and beauty of all children and realizes they genuinely are humanity’s greatest gift. Children define the mantra of A Life In Pieces – they are all they need to be – “I AM  ME!”


3) There is an in-depth connection amongst all that is living. A powerful story of intimacy is that of the Native hunter’s connection to his sacred animal. A hunter was blessed with a genuine, deep understanding of an animal, thriving on his keen, finely tuned insight into everything about a certain species. What arose was critical knowledge granting him a connection of intimacy and empathy with not only one species, but perhaps all animal species. This ultimate, indispensable gift of vast knowledge granted the hunter the most successful outcome – a relationship of honor with an assurance of continual trust between animal and man. The animal’s spirit, given the respect it deserved, was then able to replenish and continue to feed man. Importantly, the animal did not stray.

What a powerful, encouraging connection! A Life in Pieces allows this deep connection with children, youth and other adults, as I have demonstrated in the A Life in Pieces Dream Catcher. Derived from keen understanding of oneself, family members, friends, even co-workers, are never-ending connections that provide happy, successful relationships due to the intimacy constructed  through examining the important language of life. I chose thirteen larger beads to symbolize the first words of A Life in Pieces that are, for everyone, the beginning of keen, insightful masterpieces creating greater understanding. Small beads are scattered around to show that activity surrounds, and influences, everything that constructs our lives, from family dynamics, school successes, status as people, even the earth’s changing seasons. In the middle, connecting all species, are the colors of the logo of A Life in Pieces stressing that, with permission to enjoy the newness of life’s energies in safety and respect, individuals will not stray, feel lost, depressed, anxious, as they live in equality and compassion. Connecting with such depth can keep distant, even stop bad feelings of anxiety, frustration and desperation, therefore bullying and violence. Unimaginable perhaps, yet highly possible through intimacy and respect.

4) “Deserving to all people is the holistic journey to wellness – the un-tampering of the essence of spirit that is innate and divinely given.”

A Life in Pieces connects with such traditions as the Round Dance, the Eagle Dance, and the Smudging ceremony. All promote balance, thus decrease emotions that cause trauma. Wellness is achieved “living” with dignity and equality throughout this process.

5) “Words are spiritually potent, generative, and engage all aspects of life.”

A Life in Pieces is the engagement of words and thoughts that can literally change a person’s life, as thoughts cannot be negative and positive at the same  time. Therefore, concentrating on all that is “good,” leaves the “bad” behind. Words can awaken a genuine sense of self, leading to an understanding of all that surrounds the spirit. As one youth exclaimed – “I AM an angel sent from above.”

The Outcome Successes

The empowerment, encouragement and truths that come from words, the very essence of A Life in Pieces, pass from one generation to the next. They  design peace, thus strong, healthy states of mind leaving disease and desperation behind. Words give hope in their beauty and now their true  understanding. When there is hope, a child finds emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, and while indulging this inner peace throughout maturity, provides the child of tomorrow with a life that is safe, joyful and enveloped in undying love. All of humanity will live with health and a self-determination to respect the traditions and the life from which all people come.

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