Lyrics by Lana Buoy; music by Joel Tiedemann; sung by Joel and Lana

Please note that the words in italics are ones I believe to represent each of us at birth – our innate goodness and natural desires, needs and curiosity. If for any reason needs go unmet and feelings are repressed, confusion, sadness, anger and even despair may arise. This creates, in all of us, the demand to be heard and the right to ask for change. We all want just treatment. We all want to trust. We all want love.



Ever since I was born, I wanted and needed your love. I was trusting you for help, as I met new people in my life. I was innocent when assuming, you would be like the parents next door. Something happened along the way, the nightmare started, you through me to the floor.


To anyone who hears me, I’m sorry I’ve been so tough, I’m standing here, I’m waiting, this life has been so rough.

My spontaneity made you mad, since you were never up for play. I waited patiently without anger or complaint to tell you what my teachers had to say. (why don’t you care?)

You never liked to hear me talk, you never let me join the fun. You didn’t care that I was loving and kind, (love me) I didn’t know that I was picked to be the “one.”


I lost my meek and humble self, as I lost trust in those who would not let me “be.” They yelled at me, they beat me, (leave me alone) they thought my body was theirs to see

Please, I am trying to say, when I curse or hit or shove, help me find me again, the one who wants love.

To anyone who hears me, I’m sorry I’ve been so tough, I’m standing here, and I’m waiting, this life has been rough. Did anyone hear me? I am really not that tough. I am standing here, I am waiting, life shouldn’t be this rough.

Help me to find me again, The one who wants to love.