A Life in Pieces started at the dinning room table at my mom and dad’s, with me drawing out a 13 piece puzzle on a napkin with the command – “dad, make me two puzzles!” It grew within days to real-life puzzles that gave rise to meaning, progress, hope, encouragement and then to the logo and program.

A brilliant Nait student, Sheena Seinen, was assigned A Life in Pieces program for her class website project, a project that extended to her creating the A Life in Pieces logo. I was energized and uplifted when she showed me the puzzle logo and described the colors and reasons why she chose them – she connected soulfully and passionately to the vision of A Life in Pieces. Feel through the color of this life puzzle:

ORANGE (center): represents energy, balance, warmth, enthusiasm, flamboyance and is demanding of affection.

BROWN: represents the ideas of the earth, hearth and home; the outdoors, comfort, endurance, simplicity.

SILVER/GREY: represents security, reliability, intelligence, staid (fixed, settled, permanent, solemn character), modesty, maturity, conservative, old age (Elders).

Welcome to A Life in Pieces, the program assuring security, safety, warmth and peace.

Welcome to the beginning of your life creation.

This life puzzle welcomes you into the peace in the hearts of daycare children and their staff. This is just one of four puzzles created to add warmth and love to the already existing security of this daycare. Thank you for creating!